THE 13TH CONTINUUM (Book One of the Continuum Trilogy)

Publisher: Stephanie Beard/Turner Publishing

Representation: Deborah Schneider & Josie Freedman (ICM)

Genre: YA science fiction

About the novel:

One thousand years after the Apocalypse, the world is just reawakening, and Earth is about to come back to life—this is THE 13TH CONTINUUM.

As the world was ending, humans built thirteen colonies to fill with hand-chosen survivors and dispersed them out to space, deep underground, and to the bottommost depths of the ocean. It’s the brainchild of Harvard professors, led by the brilliant but reclusive Professor Theodore Divinus. The Thirteenth Continuum, buried in one of the deepest ocean trenches, has survived the period of exile—but they’ve fallen into a dark age under the rule of the tyrannical Synod, which has wiped clean all traces of their origins from the records. When Myra Jackson learns about her ancestry and that her colony has less than eight months of oxygen left, she begins searching for a legend about which she’s heard whisperings: the “Beacon”—an ancient and forbidden device that’s supposed to lead them back to the Surface. It’s her only hope for surviving and saving her colony. But time is fast running out, and the Synod is hunting her, deploying their ruthless henchmen (called “Patrollers” armed with lead pipes and crude weaponry).

Meanwhile, far away across the galaxy, Captain Aero Wright of the Second Continuum—a Sparta-like military colony housed inside a sleek spaceship that functions on discipline and rationality—faces an equally dire challenge. After a coup results in the murder of his father, the Supreme General, Aero must bond with the Beacon and survive a duel, before Major Vinick can kill him. Linked together by the Beacons and able to communicate despite the physical distance separating them, Myra and Aero both find themselves racing against the clock to escape from the oppressive confines of their worlds and return to the Surface, before it’s too late. Not only do their lives and those of their loved ones hang in the balance—but so does the entire fate of mankind.

This novel—the first in an expansive trilogy—has the epic scope of the best contemporary science fiction, like “Battlestar Galactica” and “Star Wars,” and the totalitarian claustrophobia of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and of course, “Brave New World.” Geared toward a young adult audience, it also crosses over to mainstream storytelling with its thrilling battle sequences, morphing weapons called “Falchions,” and ancient mysteries, all wrapped around an epic, interstellar love triangle.


Representation: Deborah Schneider

Genre: Commercial women’s fiction

Current Status: Available

About the novel:

Have you ever suspected that someone you love is a workaholic?

Sydney Stone has given up a lot for her career: her nights, her weekends, her friends, her family, her sex life, her best reproductive years, her everything.

So when she walks into a meeting at the elite Chicago ad agency where she works and discovers that it’s an intervention, she agrees to spend thirty days at a high-end addiction treatment center in Malibu in order to save her job. After all, she didn’t slog her way up the corporate ladder to lose it all over a few Happy Hour drinks. Plus she really could use a vacation, especially given that she hasn’t taken one in… well… ever.

However, what she thinks is going to be like a vacation at Club Med turns out to be more than she bargained for. First she gets off on the wrong foot with Dr. Barnes, the director of the treatment center, when an orderly confiscates her BlackBerry. Then she quickly makes enemies with Darla, the resident tough girl. Throw an unrequited crush on her sexy counselor into the mix, and it’s an instant recipe for disaster.

Can Sydney survive thirty days at the Serenity Recovery Center? And will her dream job be waiting for her after she graduates?

Set inside the colorful and clandestine world of celebrity rehab, ALL WORKED UP explores the themes of friendship, family, fame, love, the work-life balance, and the long road to recovery.