THE 13TH CONTINUUM (Book One of the Continuum Trilogy)

Representation: Deborah Schneider & Victoria Marini

Genre: YA science fiction

Current Status: On submission to publishers

About the novel:

The year is 1000 Post Doom.

A thousand years have passed since the Doom ravaged the Surface and rendered it a toxic wasteland. Now the time has come for the last human survivors to return from their remote outposts to the First Continuum and recolonize Earth’s surface. At least, this was the plan devised by Professor Theodore Divinus, the Founder of the Continuum Project.

But not everything has gone as Divinus hoped.

Located in the lowest depths of the ocean, the Thirteenth Continuum has fallen into a dark age. Under the rule of the tyrannical Synod, all records and possessions from Before Doom—including the submersibles that brought them there—were destroyed in the Great Purging. Even speaking the very words—the Surface—has been deemed a crime punishable by being sacrificed to the Holy Sea, a death sentence in the deep water.

When Myra Jackson, the Head Engineer’s daughter, learns that her colony has less than eight months left before they run out of oxygen, she resolves to help her father with his risky plan to return to the Surface. While he works in secret to build a submarine, Myra scours the colony for the Beacon—an ancient and forbidden device from Before Doom that’s supposed to lead them back to the First Continuum.

Only the Beacon has been lost for almost a millennium.

To help with her quest, Myra enlists her little brother Tinker, a programming savant; her best friends Paige and Rickard; and her crush Kaleb, whose father sits on the Synod. With time running out and the survival of their colony at stake, Myra and her companions decipher clues that lead them to the Beacon’s hiding place.

After Myra bonds with the Beacon and becomes the Carrier for her colony, her destiny is laid out for her. She must follow a path that leads back to the First Continuum and to another Carrier—a dashing soldier from a space colony named Captain Aero Wright. Linked together by the Beacons and able to communicate, Myra and Aero soon find themselves falling in love. Torn between her loyalty to Kaleb and her newly formed bond to Aero, Myra must make a choice that will impact the future of mankind.

Told in multiple POVs, the narrative shifts between the deep-sea Thirteenth Continuum; the advanced military society of the Second Continuum, whose massive spacecraft is just returning to Earth; and the subterranean world of the Seventh Continuum, whose barbaric inhabitants have devolved significantly. Geared toward the young adult and adult audience, this high-concept, science fiction adventure has everything from thrilling battle sequences and ancient mysteries, to compelling characters and technology so advanced it seems almost like magic, all wrapped around an epic, interstellar love triangle.


Representation: Deborah Schneider

Genre: Commercial women’s fiction

Current Status: Available

About the novel:

Have you ever suspected that someone you love is a workaholic?

Sydney Stone has given up a lot for her career: her nights, her weekends, her friends, her family, her sex life, her best reproductive years, her everything.

So when she walks into a meeting at the elite Chicago ad agency where she works and discovers that it’s an intervention, she agrees to spend thirty days at a high-end addiction treatment center in Malibu in order to save her job. After all, she didn’t slog her way up the corporate ladder to lose it all over a few Happy Hour drinks. Plus she really could use a vacation, especially given that she hasn’t taken one in… well… ever.

However, what she thinks is going to be like a vacation at Club Med turns out to be more than she bargained for. First she gets off on the wrong foot with Dr. Barnes, the director of the treatment center, when an orderly confiscates her BlackBerry. Then she quickly makes enemies with Darla, the resident tough girl. Throw an unrequited crush on her sexy counselor into the mix, and it’s an instant recipe for disaster.

Can Sydney survive thirty days at the Serenity Recovery Center? And will her dream job be waiting for her after she graduates?

Set inside the colorful and clandestine world of celebrity rehab, ALL WORKED UP explores the themes of friendship, family, fame, love, the work-life balance, and the long road to recovery.