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THE 13TH CONTINUUM (Book One of the Continuum Trilogy)

Publisher: Stephanie Beard/Turner Publishing

Genre: YA science fiction

About the novel:

One thousand years have passed since the Doom ravaged the Earth’s surface and the few lucky survivors found refuge in thirteen colonies, known as “Continuums,” located in vastly different environments from the ocean’s trenches, to the subterranean depths of the Earth, to the farthest reaches of outer space. Now, as their life support systems fail, a young woman who has lived her entire life underwater and a dashing young soldier who has grown up on a spaceship discover that their only hope for survival is to escape from their doomed colonies and find each other. Linked together by a mysterious device called the “Beacon” and able to communicate, they must follow it back to the surface of the Earth—a place that could mean either their salvation or sudden death.

This novel—the first in an expansive trilogy—has the epic scope of the best contemporary science fiction, like “Battlestar Galactica” and “Star Wars,” and the totalitarian claustrophobia of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and of course, “Brave New World.”


Representation: Deborah Schneider

Genre: Commercial women’s fiction

Current Status: Available

About the novel:

Have you ever suspected that someone you love is a workaholic?

Sydney Stone has given up a lot for her career: her nights, her weekends, her friends, her family, her sex life, her best reproductive years, her everything.

So when she walks into a meeting at the elite Chicago ad agency where she works and discovers that it’s an intervention, she agrees to spend thirty days at a high-end addiction treatment center in Malibu in order to save her job. After all, she didn’t slog her way up the corporate ladder to lose it all over a few Happy Hour drinks. Plus she really could use a vacation, especially given that she hasn’t taken one in… well… ever.

However, what she thinks is going to be like a vacation at Club Med turns out to be more than she bargained for. First she gets off on the wrong foot with Dr. Barnes, the director of the treatment center, when an orderly confiscates her BlackBerry. Then she quickly makes enemies with Darla, the resident tough girl. Throw an unrequited crush on her sexy counselor into the mix, and it’s an instant recipe for disaster.

Can Sydney survive thirty days at the Serenity Recovery Center? And will her dream job be waiting for her after she graduates?

Set inside the colorful and clandestine world of celebrity rehab, ALL WORKED UP explores the themes of friendship, family, fame, love, the work-life balance, and the long road to recovery.