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My YSF Big Show! (And Writing Culmination…)

This has been a week of culmination.

It’s fitting with a full moon eclipse today—they bring culminations and endings.

On Thursday, I had my Young Storytellers Foundation Big Show! This is the culmination of weeks of mentoring, where “Famous Hollywood Actors” come to the school and perform the kids’ five page screenplays. My mentee, Alejandra, wrote an amazing story called THE DESSERT THIEF.

It’s about a group of kids who move into a new house and discover a secret door to another world. There they encounter a Dessert/Deserted Island made out of… you guessed it… desserts, where an evil queen named Vandeeman is stealing the sweets. It’s up to the kids to stop her! And did I mention, there was a banana split boat and a character named Mr. Justin Beaver? He was a beaver, of course. With a British accent. Go figure!

Amazing, right?

The story was based on a dream that she had. Man, I wish I had dreams that were that fabulous.

My lovely friend, Challen Cates, who stars on the Nick show BIG TIME RUSH, acted in the Big Show. She was so wonderful and energetic. And you should have seen her receiving line of eager kids wanting autographs after the show. I am so grateful to all my friends who showed up and supported me. Thank you darlings!

I love this program and can’t wait for next semester!

The second culmination involves the new book that I’m writing. It’s actually a trilogy and the genre is YA dystopian sci-fi. Yesterday, I finished the prologue and part one, and today, I’m sending it off to friends for feedback. The chunk is a little over one hundred pages. I love it, but we shall see what my friends think.

Deep breath.

For me, this is always the scariest part of the process—when you let go and release control and send the pages off into the world. There’s always that fear of rejection. Of hearing that what you’ve been slaving away on is mortally flawed. That you were crazy to write these crazy ideas of yours in the first place.

But that always passes, and the feedback helps to make it stronger.

Writing is a journey, so today I continue on that journey and release the pages to the universe, come what may!



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My Bookshelf: “The Last Werewolf” by Glen Duncan

Every once in a while a great book comes along that redefines an old mythology.

THE LAST WEREWOLF by Glen Duncan does just that—and then some!

From the first exquisitely written chapter, I’ve been enjoying every bit of this book. Be forewarned: this is NOT a kids book. It’s adult in every sense of the word, but that’s part of what I love about it so much. Thankfully, this book is ticking up in sales and made the New York Times Notable Books of 2011 (very exciting!).

I should also disclose here that my agents sold this book, and kudos to them! It’s truly fabulous.

Enough procrastinating on my own writing—it’s time to get back to work!

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