Exciting News—Russia, Residency Madness, SFWA!


I know I’ve been a bit absentee on these pages, but so much has been going on! I thought I’d take a minute to recap a few exciting writing-related developments.

THE 13TH CONTINUUM Sold In Russia!

I’m pleased to announce that my debut novel, THE 13TH CONTINUUM, sold in Russia, along with the second book in the series. This marks my first foreign sale, and hopefully the first of more to come! I still can’t believe that my books will be read in another language in another country. It’s a dream come true, as cliche as that sounds.

Pinch me!

Seriously… wow!

Thank you Curtis Brown & Gelfman Schneider/ICM Partners!

SFWA Membership!

After many years of hoping and wishing and working very hard, I’m pleased to announce that I’m an official (active) member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). You have to make a substantial sale to a publisher to qualify, so this is a big accomplishment for me. I was able to join thanks to my 3-book deal with Turner.

How cool is that?

Dude, Ray Bradbury was a member!

‘Nough said.

The Lemon Tree House & Whiteley Center Residencies

Adding to this year of exciting news, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been accepted for 3- week residencies at The Lemon Tree House in Tuscany and the Helen R. Whiteley Center on the San Juan Islands, run by the University of Washington. I’m so thrilled to be able to combine travel with my writing work. Moving around stimulates my creative process, not to mention that these residencies expose me to new creative communities.

First up is The Lemon Tree House. I already booked my plane tickets for Italy, and I depart in mid-September. I have a TON of writing to get done this year and should be started on the third book in my series. You wouldn’t believe how helpful it is to be in a peaceful, supportive environment and have your meals and everything taken care of for you, so you can focus on writing the very best, most kickass book you possibly can.

In Conclusion… Gratitude and Awe!

This past year—my 35th on the planet Earth—has been wonderful beyond any imagining. My birthday was Monday, and I’m turning the page to a new year, but as I do so I want to acknowledge and give thanks for all that’s transpired. Signing a book deal was a closely held dream, one that I finally realized thanks to tremendous hard work, lots of luck, and help from an amazing team of people who supported me through the rejection.


That served me well, not that I didn’t have moments where I fantasized about giving up and finding a “normal” job. Boy, am I glad I stuck it out! It’s a War of Attrition, and I’m pleased to say that things are finally happening. Great things. Amazing things.

But it’s all because of my love of storytelling and devotion to the page!

This next year should be badass!

It’s the year in which I’ll finally be published.

I’m looking at you April 2016!

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Tin House Summer Workshop 2015 Recap a/k/a Summer Camp for Writers

Tin House Collage

I have only one thing to say about Tin House 2015…

I loved every single teeny-tiny second of it!

The charm of Tin House is easy to explain—it’s summer camp for writers. The workshop is held on Reed College’s idyllic campus. Yes, you stay in the the dorms, crunchy mattress, shared hall bathroom, cafeteria food and all. But it doesn’t matter because you’re surrounded by your people. These writers who have journeyed from all over the country, and some from abroad, are your tribe. They’re your extended family.

The beating heart of the week is your workshop, and Tin House draws the best writing instructors. I spent the week studying with Victor LaValle, and he was fantastic! My fellow workshoppers also rocked the house! A superbly talented bunch. We’ve already had another book deal announced from our little 12-person crew. I’m sure more will follow!

Plot boxes, structure, keep the reader in mind…

Thanks Victor!

The coolness of Tin House is that everyone hangs together, so you have complete access to the other instructors. Highlights for me included hanging with Karen Russell (omg, she knows my name!), Jim Shepard (he wanted to know all about my books!), Marlon James (is there anything this man doesn’t know?), Benjamin Percy (he eats bear meat!) and Manuel Gonzalez (killer robots!).

Love them all from the depths of my writerly heart!

Every night, we gathered at Reed’s outdoor amphitheater for faculty and guest readings, another highlight. As the sun sets, otters swim by in the river and cranes fly overhead, and words spin into the cool air, little gifts tossed out to the night.

Tin House is my happy place.

I still think of it often, when I need a boost, when I feel lost on the page, when I need to remember why I’ve chosen to do this crazy thing called writing.

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First Edition of BookPod News Hot Off The Presses!

bookpod news

In celebration of the amazing writerly accomplishments always being announced on BookPod, the authors group that I created, I bring you the first edition of BookPod News! A big round of applause to all these amazing folks making their dreams come true.

And as a side note, we are ALWAYS accepting new members. We have well over 300 writers and counting! Click here for info on how to join.

Hello, Bookpodders!

Here’s to all of you. What an inspiring lot of good news!

We read each of these as if they were flash-nonfiction pieces, great stories in and of themselves, knowing all the hard work that’s gone before to create such results.

Have a look, and congratulations to everyone.

Here we go:

Liz Alexander‘s Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Respect, and Creating Long-Lasting Business Relationships (Wiley, 2015) has been spangled with recent awards and stars from the International Book Awards and Kirkus. And Liz’s expertise in the field of diplomatic relations, which led her to write the book in the first place, has landed her a job with one of Australasia’s biggest communication firms, SenateSHJ.

Michal Lemberger‘s Amazon New Release #1 Bestseller, After Abel and Other Stories (Prospect Park Books) came out in May, and has had terrific reviews from everyone from Publisher’s Weekly to the Jewish Book Council. (SOME of us were lucky enough to listen to Michal read from it recently at Vermin on the Mount, and now have it in our hot little paws to read.)

What IS the problem with ‘cool’ single women, anyway? Sara Eckel penned an essay for Dame exploring this very problem in light of Katie Bolick’s recent book SPINSTER, but it gained a life of its own over at Salon, where thousands of folks read it and now have a better understanding of why some of us choose to be single.

Spies Lie, and David Spiselman knows it well. Book six of his series, Baksheesh, is available on June 28 at Amazon. David writes as DS Kane, and his Amazon author’s page is here. It takes a lot of work to keep these series going, and we’re amazed by David’s constant inspiration and work!

“My childhood won a Golden Globe award.” Sarah Bibel’s wonderful essay about her own father’s transition to a woman was published at xojane.com What a lovely, heartfelt work.

Liz Donatelli, book publicist extraordinaire, is hosting Book’d in Burbank’s summer lit event July 16. Here’s the information and the URL: Book’d in Burbank: The Ultimate Bibliophiles’ Night Out hosts its summer literary event on July 16th at Theatre Banshee in Los Angeles. Festivities will include mystery, romance, women’s fiction and YA author readings; bookish giveaways and a catered mingling reception. Visit www.bookdevent.com for event details and ticket information.

Our own BookPod hostess, Jennifer Brody, signed a 3-book series to Turner Publishing. Her debut, The 13th Continuum, will be published in Spring 2016. And even better, Jen’s also signed with Curtis Brown for the UK and foreign rights, plus the trilogy is being packaged as a feature film! Meanwhile, she’s off to Tin House next month to workshop with Victor LaValle (Portland or bust!).

Stefan Slater is making a foray into the hard-to-crack world of short fiction. “Backpack” is up at Betwixt magazine right now. Who doesn’t love a little bite-sized fiction?

Father’s Day may have come and gone, but Susan Mihalik‘s vivid, moving memories of her father, who died when she was five, should be read regardless of the day. It’s up at Broadside.

Scott Andrew Selby‘s book, The Axmann Conspiracy, has been optioned to Sony Pictures. This is the second film option for Scott; previously, his book A Serial Killer in Nazi Berlin was optioned to Mythology. (With all this good film news, maybe we need to do a Bookpod movie night!)

Sarah Talltower, writing as Tien Starling, takes to the skies in the three most recent issues of Dell’s Horoscope magazine, with articles on summer activities, star-inspired life aspirations, and more. (Get your subscription here.) Sarah also attended the Big Sur writing workshop, hosted by Andrea Brown Literary Agency, in March. “When I got there, the trees nourished my soul and the feedback inspired deeper, more focused writing,” she told us. Very nice!

There are so many difficult things happening in our world right now. We struggle to explain it to each other, but Stephanie Hepburn took on the even more daunting task of helping us all to explain the twisted, scary world of human trafficking to the next generation. Conversations with My Daughter is at Amazon now.

We want to extend a very special congratulations to BookPodder Kevin McDevitt, who was diagnosed in October with PNH and Aplastic Anemia, rare and life-threatening bone-marrow disease disorders. Kevin, a filmmaker and writer, got a bone marrow transplant from his sister Megan, and, on June 19th, passed the critical 100-day post-transplant mark. You can read all about Kevin’s journey from diagnosis to treatment to transplant at his blog. Kevin’s blog is proof positive: Writing shit down really does help.

The always fantastic Katie Delahanty announces the publication of the second novel in her modern fairytale LA-centric Brightside series. Blushing is out! Get your copy today. The third book in the series, Believe, is slated for release in January 2016. For someone who never thought she would be a writer, she sure is out there kicking ass & taking names!

Last, but certainly not least, here’s a little plug for UPOD Academy, an offering of BookPod’s mothership, the UPOD group. Upod Academy comes to Boston on August 1 and 2, 2015. The writing workshop lets you focus on book-writing, magazine features or just getting out of a freelance rut. Jennifer Senior, contributing editor at New York magazine, is one of the guest speakers. Early bird discount until July 1 by applying the code “earlybird” on Eventbrite. Details and sign up are at http://upodacademy.com/2015/06/22/1985/

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My Book Deal Featured in THE FLOYD PRESS!! (Thanks Mom & Dad)

Floyd Press

Sometimes your mother is your best publicist… right?

My book deal was featured in THE FLOYD PRESS (along with news of my Dad getting sworn in as a substitute judge—go Pops!).

I love the hometown LOVE!

Books only take on their own life with the support of others. I’m hoping this is a great sign for the journey ahead!

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“Meet the Author” Email from Turner Publishing… and More Book News!


So much cool stuff is happening on the book front!

Deep breath… in… out… in… out…

I love my publisher. We did a call with them last week, and they’re totally behind my book series and have exciting plans in the works for marketing it. In fact, they’ve already started! They sent out a great email last week featuring me and my books. It matters so much to have a great team behind launching these books. It warms my writerly heart.


From the email:

Jennifer Brody’s debut novel, THE 13TH CONTINUUM, sold to Turner Publishing in a three book deal and is being packaged into a feature film! The book is the first in a trilogy and will come out in Spring 2016.

It also features a nifty photo of me, a description of my book, and a bio. Wow! What a great way to start the month. Meanwhile, I’m working hard to finish up Book 2 in the series (it’s turned out so good!). And get ready for Tin House Summer Workshop next month. I just booked my plane ticket to Portland. Stay tuned for more updates!

Ok, back to work… :-)

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