My Book Deal for THE 13TH CONTINUUM Announced in Publisher’s Weekly!

book deal

So… my debut novel THE 13TH CONTINUUM sold in a 3 book deal to Turner Publishing! The announcement came out today in Publisher’s Weekly!

Whew! It’s been a long journey to get here and a major lesson in perseverance (more on that in a later post). For now, I’m just so grateful that my books found a great home and can’t wait to see them out in the world. So much news flying around… but I also signed with Curtis Brown to rep the UK and foreign rights (which is fantastic).

Meanwhile, we’re working hard to put the film pitch together. I have ICM on board and a fabulous team of producers led by Elizabeth Guber Stephen.

Screenwriter Jennifer Brody’s post-dystopian trilogy, THE THIRTEENTH CONTINUUM, where, as life on Earth ended, humans built thirteen pods to fill with hand-chosen survivors and dispersed them into space, inside mountains and into the deep ocean; when a young woman in the ocean colony learns that have only eight months of oxygen left, she begins searching for an ancient and forbidden device from Before Doom that’s supposed to lead them back to the Surface, to Stephanie Beard at Turner Publishing, by Deborah Schneider of Gelfman Schneider/ICM (NA).

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I Got Accepted to Tin House and Signed with ICM… and More News!


It’s been a little bit since I posted here… so I thought I’d share some exciting writing news.

I got accepted to the Tin House Summer Workshop! It’s held in Portland, Oregon on the campus of Reed College. It’s become one of the top writers workshops, and for years I’ve fantasized about applying, but never dreamed that they’d accept me. For one thing, they say “no genre fiction” on their website… and I mostly write sci-fi these days, though I like to consider it more elevated and not strictly genre. For another thing… it’s Tin House!

But I finally got up the nerve to apply this year—with a sci-fi short story no less—and they accepted me early, even though applications are already up 30 percent this year. I was so thrilled! I’ll be workshopping with Victor LaValle. I’ve heard awesome things about him from other writers who have taken classes from him at their MFA programs.

And even more news…

My debut YA science fiction novel—THE 13TH CONTINUUM—is being packaged into a movie. I’ve just signed with ICM and teamed up with some great producers. We’re in the early stages of putting together pitch materials, but I’m very excited to pursue this avenue for getting my work out into the world. It hasn’t been an easy time to publish this sort of book, due to a heavily saturated market in the wake of THE HUNGER GAMES, etc.

But I remain hopeful, especially as more people continue to read the book and fall in love with it.  I’m close to finishing up the second installment in the series. I’ve also teamed up with the same producers on a TV pilot I co-wrote.

And then I’ll be moving onto a new and very exciting project…

An announcement and details are coming soon!

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YSF Glee Big Show!!!


So… I thought I’d share “official” photos from the YSF Glee Big Show this weekend. As mentioned in my earlier post, my kid’s script was picked out of over 800 to be performed by the cast of Glee, along with three other lucky students.


All the stories were amazing and SO original. These are some seriously talented youngsters!


Brooklyn’s script — “Amazing Adventures in Golf World” — got the royal treatment. The actors were incredible.


My new semester mentoring just started up! I have a great new kid, and I’m training to be a Head Mentor this year.


Can’t wait to see what incredible stories we create this time!

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My Kid from YSF Picked for Glee Big Show!


So I just had to share some fabulous news!

As many of you know, I mentor for the Young Storytellers Foundation. We go into low income schools and teach kids the fundamentals of storytelling and then work with them writer 5 page screenplays. Then real actors come into the school and perform them in a Big Show (here’s a post on my last one).


Anyway… my kid’s script got picked for the Glee Big Show! It’s an annual fundraiser, where the actors from the TV show Glee come in and perform the scripts. They only pick 4 stories out of over 800. I’m so thrilled for Brooklyn. Can’t wait for the show!


And for those of you in LA, there’s still time to sign up to be a mentor for this semester. It’s a great program. For more information, check out the YSF website!

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My Essay Published by Hollywood Journal!


So I have exciting news to share…

My personal essay just went live on Hollywood Journal! It’s called “My Glamourous Hollywood Career… and Why I Gave It Up.”

The essay explores my time working in the trenches of Hollywood and my transition to becoming a writer. It also involves a goldendoodle puppy. Oh, and there’s a story about Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese!

How can you resist?

Here’s a snippet from my essay on Hollywood Journal:

I drove up the pitch-black canyon roads en route to Marilyn Manson’s Hollywood Hills mansion, my headlights wending their way around the near 180 curves in the road. My newly purchased cell phone rang every few seconds from the passenger seat with my boss’ number flashing on the caller ID.

The panic started to set in — I didn’t dare answer it. I was new to L.A. and hopelessly lost in a time before cars with GPS and Google Maps. My boss, a movie producer with a famous temper, was going to murder me. Worse yet, he might even fire me. I’d only been on the job a few weeks. Failure wasn’t an option, not with my bank account balance hovering around zero.

My age: Twenty-one and naïve as hell.

My salary: Five hundred measly bucks a week before taxes.

My mission: To retrieve new music for our horror movie’s teaser trailer.

Click here to read the rest of my essay!

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